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Knowledge Share Platform

What is knowledge? Knowledge is collection of facts, data and information which is in our mind and comes from different sources. More we study and more we share it's increases. Refreshing a knowledge is very important to keep up to date. So our mission is to improve knowledge by sharing as well as keeping it at one place to refresh this in future whenever have time or need something related to that topic. 

This website "Knowledge Share" is a common platform which gives facility of free knowledgeable post sharing, comments, voting, ask questions and more features for professional, enthusiast, common people etc. Great people says about knowledge is that "Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving." as much you share you will get increased knowledge and improvement in yourself. Lets make a platform rock by help of needy people through knowledgeable information sharing.

It's 100% free, no registration required to post your knowledge but if you register you can manage additional functionality which is only possible with your secure login account. For ex. Track your posted knowledge post, See your commented post, see your posted questions and answers under your login area.

How Sharing Knowledge Works?

How Question Answer Works?

Website Key Features

  •  Post your knowledge to share with others
  •  Comment and vote for post
  •  Ask a question
  •  Post a answer
  •  Vote for question and answer
  •  Keep your knowledge at one place after registration/login