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10 Nov 15
Full Form Of Some Important Words

Full forms of some important words

S. No. Short Form Full Form
1 A.I.D.S Acquired  Immune Deficiency Syndrome
2 A.I.I.M.S All  India Institute of Medical Sciences
3 A.I.T.U.C All India Trade Union Congress
4 B.B.C British Broadcasting Corporation
5 B.E Bachelor of Engineering
6 B.P. Blood Pressure 
7 B.S.F. Border Security Force 
8 B.H.E.L Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
9 C.A. Charted Accountant
10 C.I.A. Central  Intelligence Agency
11 C.C.I. Cricket Club Of India
12 C.N.N. Cable  News  Network
13 C.B.I. Central Bureau  Of Investigation
14 C.I.D. Criminal Investigation  Department 
15 D.T.P. Desk  Top Publishing 
16 D.A. Daily Allowance/ Dearness Allowance
17 E.C.G. Electro Cardiogram
18 F.B.I. Federal  Bureau of Investigation 
19 F.I.R. First Information Report
20 G.A.I.L. Gas Authority of India Ltd
21 G.I.C. General Insurance Corporation 
22 H.M.T. Hindustan Machine Tools
23 I.S.T. Indian Standard Time
24 INSAT Indian National Satellite
25 INTERPOL International  Police Origination
26 I.S.I Indian Standard Institute 
27 J.K.L.F. Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front
28 J.R.C. Junior Red Cross
29 KRIBHCO Krishak Bhariya Co-Operative
30 L.I.C. Life Insurance Corporation 
31 L.T.T.E. Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam
32 M.A Master of Arts
33 M.D. Doctor Of Medicine 
34 M.B.A. Master of Business Administration
35 M.L.A. Member  Of  Legislative Assembly 
36 M.P. Member of Parliament 
37 N.F.D.C. National  Film Development  Corporation 
38 N.C.C. National Cadet Cour 
39 N.R.I. Non Resident of India
40 N.S.C. National  Saving Cergificate
41 O.K. All  Correct 
42 O.R.S. Oral Rehydration Solution
43 P.I.N. Postal  Index Number
44 P.A. Personal  Assistant
45 Q.M.S. Quick  Mail  Service 
46 R.B.I. Reserve Bank  Of India
47 R.S.S. Rashriya  Swayam Sevak Singh
48 SAIL Stell  Authority of India  Limited
49 TELEX Teleprinter  Exchange 
50 T.C. Transfer Certificate
51 T.A. Travelling  Allowance 
52 U.P.S.C. Union Public Service Commission
53 UNICEF United Nation`s  International  children`s Emergency  Fund
54 V.I.P. Very  Important  Person 
55 V.C. Vice Chancellor 
56 W.H.O World  Health  Organization 
57 X-MAS Christmas


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