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31 Jan 16
How to Print Admit Card for REET 2015

Step by step guide to get/print admit card for reet 2015 exam :-

1. Open website http://education.rajasthan.gov.in/reet2015/

2. You will see a button with name "Print Admit Card" in right side with printer sign and color background. Click on that button.

3. A form will be open with title - Print Admit Card

4. Form have some fields You need to fill three fields -

  a) Application id OR reference id this can be found in your submited reet application form.
  b) Date of birth - Same as given in application form of reet 2015
  c) Code ( Security code ) - Digits writeen in image. If not visible you can click on refresh button to get new without refreshing whole page

5. End of page there is button "Get Detail". Once all information filled completely click on this button.

6. That's all now you will able to see a Admit card for your reet 2015 exam.

How to get admit card into Pen drive or disk to print outside the shop -

1. In Admin card screen there is button on top right "Print" Once you click on that it will ask one or more options ( All browsers not support this technique. So please check with your browser if not avaible search and install adons to make your page in PDF)

2. In Print Screen Window. There is default General Tab in which you will see two option
  a) Print to File
  b) Availble printer ( as per installed driver )

3. You need to select first option "Print to File"

4. It will ask name of file and location where need to save.

5. Fill the name of by which you want to save and location in computer where want to save and just click on Print button on bottom right of the window.

6. That's it you have PDF ( Portable document file ) which you can copy in your pen drive or disk and ask printing shop keeper to print this page.

Note :- Due to load on website, Please Don't be penic. Sometimes you will not able to complete process of Print Admin card on reet website. Please try again or in night time to get admin card.

Control room number for any help related to Reet Admin card & Exam information -

1. 7240741271, 7240741272, 0145-26304436, 0145-26304437

2. 0145-2632866, 0145-2632867,  0145-2632868


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